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Cheltenham Bus Lane CCTV Cameras Go Live

  • 6 months ago
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Cheltenham drivers who try to join or use a bus lane in order to escape a long queue will face automatic fines after traffic enforcement cameras went live on Monday December 4. Three of the town’s main bus lanes are covered by these ANPR-enabled cameras and car drivers caught entering these bus lanes will receive a fine through the post.

More cameras coming in January 2024

These cameras are just the start of several automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems, with more coming in January 2024 to help to enforce the rules of the road and make driving in Gloucestershire safer.

The next batch of cameras won’t just cover bus lanes, but will also monitor and target drivers stopping in a yellow box junction, driving down prohibited roads or taking banned turns, as well as driving the wrong way down one-way streets.

Three monitored routes in Cheltenham so far

The bus lanes monitored by ANPR camera systems so far are the B4063 Gloucester Road near Arle Court, Barley Road in Prestbury and the A40 near Benhall. The Department for Transport granted ANPR traffic enforcement powers to Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) back in the summer.

The county council identified 14 “moving traffic offence” hotspots that were suitable for ANPR monitoring in November 2022. Months of monitoring revealed that each location was the scene of accidents or collisions caused by careless or improper driving, making the CCTV camera scheme worthwhile.

Drivers will get warnings before fines

For the first few weeks of the ANPR monitoring scheme, drivers will get warning letters rather than fines, according to road bosses. Once fines start, excess funds coming from their revenue will go towards road repairs and various safety upgrades.

GCC hopes that these new cameras will improve traffic flows and road safety, as well as encourage more people to choose environmentally-friendly modes of transport such as cycling and walking instead of driving short distances.


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