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Empty Cheltenham Garage Aims to Become Eco Teaching Hub

  • 9 months ago

A well-known eyesore could become a hub where people can learn more about saving the planet, but the project needs a cash injection to make things happen.

Eco charity Vision 21, which aims to make Gloucestershire communities more sustainable, has bought a run-down garage near Cheltenham’s High Street. The charity purchased the garage so it could be part of “Planet Cheltenham”, a hub which, it hopes, will become a hub for the town’s fight against climate change.


“A place for learning, growth and fun”

Vision 21 says that the Planet Cheltenham project, based in Malthouse Lane, will be more than just a building. It will, says the charity, be a place for learning, growth and fun, as well as an activity hub and a trusted place which empowers locals to learn more about the environment.


Halfway there already

Vision 21 has already raised around £100,000 of the £200,000 it needs to finish the necessary construction work. This phase already has the planning permission it needs for its transformation into a two-storey eco hub.

The charity says that the hub won’t just be about community projects, but it’ll set a real-world example of a sustainable building with solar panels, rainwater harvesting and energy-efficient tech.

The garage, once converted, will also be a venue for people to share skills and teach locals how to adapt their lives to a changing climate, as well as to meet up and support one another.

Dave Entwistle, CEO of Vision 21, said that consultations with Cheltenham’s younger people revealed the desire for a place in town where they can go to learn about climate change.


The Vision 21 purpose 

The idea of community climate hubs is becoming more popular, with several popping up across the UK. Dave Entwistle says that the goal is to provide workshops and activities for present generations so that people can move forward into a challenging future with more confidence.


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